The comparative analysis of the present University systems in the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation


Having compared the present University systems in the United Kingdom and Russia we have come to a conclusion that they differ greatly but still have something in common. To get a place at a British University it is necessary to have good «A» Level results in at least two subjects. However, good exam passes alone are not enough, as some Universities choose their students after interviews. Russian students usually choose and pass United State Exams in three subjects at the end of their last year at school. The choice of subjects depends on a department. In some Russian universities interviews have also become obligatory.

Higher education is not free of charge and is expensive both in Russia and in Britain. The minimum British students have to pay is 9000 pounds a year. Some of them can receive grants from their Local Educational Authorities to help pay for books and accommodation. After graduating young people will have to pay it back but only if their income is not less than 25 000 pounds a year.

Russian students have a chance to study free of charge if they pass all their exams with excellent grades but competition for places is fierce. The system of grants is not available in Russia so the possibility to study depends on parents’ income.

If a Russian student enters a University it means that he or she becomes a member of a certain study group in a certain department. A student is not supposed to choose academic subjects or academic staff. All the subjects are obligatory and are prescribed in the curriculum. Each subject has its time to be studied and it is unusual to take it earlier or later. It is interesting to know that a British student does not belong to any group on a permanent basis: every new lecture or seminar brings with it new group mates. A special person called an Academic advisor helps a student to make up an individual programme of study.

As it seems the British system allows students to focus on the things they like most and to achieve the best results in that special sphere. As a result, their knowledge can be deeper. The Russian system tends towards a comprehensive knowledge so it is probably wider. The possibility to choose might arise from the fact that British education in general focuses on an individual with his demands, abilities and skills. For many years the Russian system of education has considered an individual only as a part of a collective. Personal interests and needs have never dominated collective interests and needs. Nowadays the situation is being changed a little and individual attention is often spoken about.

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