Subbotin D.V.

Subbotin Dmitriy Valerievich – BSc in Economics,Product Manager,

Yandex Inc, Moscow

Abstract: the goal of this paper is to investigate the relationship between executive officers’ payouts and company's performance. To obtain more detailed results, we consider three major aspects of compensation: overall compensation, long-term (incentive) compensation and total cash (short-term) compensation. The results show that different performance measures are tied to different part of payouts. For this reason, very close attention must be paid to the compensation design to overcome agency problem and push CEOs act in the best effect not only on short-term company’s performance, but also long-term financial performance as well.

Keywords: compensation, CEO, KPI, rewards.


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 // Проблемы науки № 2(70), 2022 - С. {см. журнал}.


Теги: relationship  performance  pay  ceo  

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